Vera Winkelried

Vera Winkelried

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Place of residence

Lima, Peru

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Languages: English, Spanish

Service provided:

Interpreting, Liaison Interpreting, Translation

Field of expertise:

Arts, Architecture and Fashion, Human Sciences and Education, Human Resources and Marketing, Medicine, Dentistry and Biology, Environmental Sciences, Oil and Gas, International Trade and Negotiation

Conference interpreter with over 18 years of experience. I received my training as an interpreter from the "Escuela Superior de Interpretación y Traducción de Lima". I always liked languages, my mother tongue is Spanish, I attended a German school in Lima, learned English very young and later on, French. However, I chose English and Spanish as my working languages, Appart from conference interpreting, I also do liaison interpreting and translations. My main areas of expertise are medicine, education, marketing, mining, oil and gas, environment, finance, audit, international trade, among others.


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